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Grand Garage Door Repair is your friendly garage door repair Friendswood TX has ever had. There is no denying that every garage door wears down overtime and new improvements and upgrades come along the way, as time passes by. With modern times, security and safety among households should be a priority due to sophisticated break-ins and hackable systems of automatic locks. Our company is built within the core value of providing safety and security for every household. That is why it is very important to us to provide this type of services not only because we should sustain our business, but to provide your household needs. We could not be sure a hundred percent on our surroundings. That is why we provide the garage doors you need with its accompanying safety features. As for repairs, our company makes sure that when we repair, we also include its upgrades and tips for it to last longer. We know the importance and value of keeping our properties safe from wrongful intentions– outside factors such as robbery, break-ins and unforeseeable disasters. If your garage contains your first bought car, or valuable belongings, then the long-term solution would either be installation of a new one or a reliable and dependable repair for longevity and added security. Friendswood is a community where people have learned to take care of each other and our company is no different than that. We do business as if you are family and family is important, just as every customer we have. Best said, our products and services are the best in the industry. We always make sure that they work and operate smoothly like no other. It is our duty to provide you these with the assurance of its intended purpose and mechanics.

What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services and products no one could ever match in the area. We offer the most important repair services. To give you a proper glimpse of what our services entail, below is a helpful list that could generally answer all your worries and questions.

  • General maintenance and tune-up – Every mechanism that your garage door does would be carefully inspected and diagnosed. It is our policy and practice to make a full check-up because we do not practice ripping our customers off with what services should be provided. We perform the necessary repair procedures for every part of the door, including rollers, hinges, screw and bolts and even chains if there is one.
  • Best installation and repair services – The openers are the heart of every garage door and there is no denying that garage doors may look simple but the complexity of its build is what makes it challenging and rewarding at the same time when we provided the best service and repairs its needs.
  • Wide variety of products offered – We assure that the accompanying products are from the top-provider and well- established brand of garage door products in the industry. Garage doors Friendswood offers the products at a reasonable price and are properly tested for unmatched quality and dependability.

What we do

Our Great Services In Friendswood Texas


Our new installation service include a complete quality installation of a big range of premium garage doors and parts.


We work with all the different garage door brands and have the tools and products to ensure that your garage works properly.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


A professional garage door company like us can handle your garage door maintenance properly and your worries be gone.

Garage Doors Friendswood – Our Work and Reputation

Doing business is right when you have the best employees and consultants running the services and selling the products. Here in our company, from customer service to our set of experts and professionals in the garage door, we have the best ones. It is no wonder that customers looking for garage door repair Friendswood TX services always comes back to our company. We have employees who are courteous and helpful in every way to assist you. Our diverse set of experts knows everything in the community. That is why it is our pride to say that we are far trusted than anyone out there. It is customary for our experts to provide the service in a punctual and respectful manner. We truly believe that the trust you are giving us whenever we provide our services to you is truly not taken for granted. We provide our service in a manner that respects the customer’s boundaries and access to the household. Besides we want to work with you so that in case of simple troubleshooting, we could be able to relay easy fixes and maintenance that would ensure longevity of your garage door.

We also practice fair pricing and provide affordable payment schemes for the products and services we provide. We provide discounts and would make sure that no matter how you are paying us, the service and products are still of quality and reliability. Believe us when we say that we take your security and safety as our priority. The rest are negotiable terms and workable scenarios.

The Garage Doors Company in Friendswood That Truly Cares

Grand Garage Door Repair is your most reliable and dependable service provider in Friendswood, Texas. Whether you are a customer still deciding on availing of our services or long-time ones, we guarantee the best service out there that no other company could provide. Garage doors Friendswood services is the one that would work for your needs in a long haul of time. As we pride ourselves on our terms and availability, we are open 24/7, meaning we are there in case of emergencies such as lockouts and immediate repairs. We have our customer service on standby. They would be very glad to take your concern and provide the solution needed immediately. It is a true commendation around the area that the set of experts and professionals working in our company are always willing to take on the extra job to provide you not only with the best service, but also with the confidence and security that our garage doors are safe and break-in free. We offer the best products from cables, locks to hinges courtesy of the best brand names in the industry catering to garage doors. We offer you not only our knowledge and expertise in repairing garage doors, but also the reliability and trustworthiness that every customer is looking for in any service provider. Call us up and give us a try.

Our Work

Some of our last new fresh garage door installation projects. Look how beautiful it’s look like.

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